Duterte bans illegal workers’ contractualization

DAVAO CITY – President Rodrigo Duterte has signed the executive order banning illegal contract for workers or the practise by […].....»»

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KMU says EO 51 useless

As thousands of workers marched on the streets all over the country demanding for an end to contractualization, wage hike and security of tenure; President Rodrigo Duterte signed Executive Order (EO) No. 51 that prohibits illegal contracting and sub-contracting last May 1......»»

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Duterte signs executive order on ‘endo’

CEBU CITY --- President Rodrigo Duterte signed here on Labor Day an executive order (EO) that prohibits illegal labor contracting but still allows some forms of contractualization, a scheme used by employers to avoid regularizing workers. The EO dismayed labor groups and got some members of the business community worried. The President, whose campaign promise was to end contractualization and "endo,'' acknowledged that a more comprehensive action on contractualization had to be done by revisiting the Labor Code, which he described as "outdated." Endo, or end of contract, refers to a contractualization scheme that offers short-term and unprotected temporary work arrangements....Keep on reading: Duterte signs executive order on ‘endo’.....»»

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Duterte signs order prohibiting contractualization

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday signed an executive order prohibiting contractualization but called on Congress to provide an “effective and more lasting solution” to the problems resulting from such an employment scheme by “amending the Labor Code.” “[The EO is a] prohibition against illegal contracting and sub-contracting or undertaking to circumvent the workers’ right to [...] The post Duterte signs order prohibiting contractualization appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Duterte may sign executive order on contractualization soon

MANILA, Philippines — The long wait may soon be over for workers who have been pushing for a ban against illegal contractualization......»»

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PLDT workers lose P2-M labor case at Court of Appeals

MANILA, Philippines – The Duterte administration's promise to weed out the illegal scheme of labor-only contracting takes a hit as the Court of Appeals (CA) threw out a labor case against telecommunications giant Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Company at the expense of 279 workers. The CA Seventeenth Division granted the ........»»

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Bello supports Duterte’s cautious stance

DEPARTMENT of Labor and Employment (DoLE) secretary Silvestre Bello III on Tuesday reiterated his support to President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent warning against hasty approach in dealing with illegal Chinese workers in the country. Bello made the remark after Duterte commented on the Senate’s inquiry into the influx of illegal Chinese workers in the country, noting […].....»»

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Duterte on illegal Chinese workers: Deport them but don& apos;t get rough on them - Manila Bulletin

Duterte on illegal Chinese workers: Deport them but don't get rough on them - Manila Bulletin.....»»

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‘Deport 52,000 illegal foreign workers, with care’

President Duterte approves of the deportation of illegal Chinese workers, but said the crackdown should be carried out with caution because there are Filipinos getting lenient treatment abroad......»»

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Duterte: Philippines should be careful on crackdown of illegal Chinese workers

Illegal Chinese workers have to be deported but the Philippines should be cautious on such crackdown because there are several Filipinos getting lenient treatment abroad, President Duterte said......»»

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Duterte pushes anti-contractualization bill

President Rodrigo Duterte has certified urgent a Senate bill to ensure security of tenure for all workers and end contractualization, one of his election campaign promises. The President certified "the necessity of the immediate enactment" of Senate Bill No. 1826 in a Sept. 21 letter to Senate President Vicente Sotto III. In his letter, the President said the measure was necessary "to strengthen workers' security of tenure by prohibiting the prevalent practices of contractualization and labor-only contracting, which continue to immerse our workers in a quagmire of poverty and unemployment." Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said the certification was a fulfillment of the...Keep on reading: Duterte pushes anti-contractualization bill.....»»

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Duterte certifies Security of Tenure Bill as urgent

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte certified as urgent the Security of Tenure Bill in a bid to give more job security to Filipino workers by prohibiting the practice of contractualization and labor-only contracting, Malacanang said on Tuesday. In a press conference, Palace spokesman Harry Roque Jr. confirmed that Duterte wrote a letter to Senate President Vicente Sotto [...] The post Duterte certifies Security of Tenure Bill as urgent appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Villanueva hopeful for passage of ending endo bill

Sen. Joel Villanueva, chairman of the Senate Committee on Labor, Employment and Human Resources Development, said he is hopeful that the Senate would pass a measure ending illegal contractualization in the country amid a call by President Rodrigo Duterte in his third State of the Nation Address......»»

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Duterte calls on Congress to end labor contractualization

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday urged Congress to pass a law prohibiting labor contractualization as he admitted that his executive order on security of tenure could not address all workers' issues......»»

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Labor groups unite to protest Duterte’s policies on work force

CONTRACTUALIZATION, low wages, and denied labor rights are among the problems that continue to hound workers, labor groups said in a press conference on Friday, days ahead of President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s State of the Nation Address on Monday, July 23......»»

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Workers say Duterte policy vs contractualization useless

MANILA, Philippines – Workers on Wednesday, July 18, said that the Duterte administration's policies against contractualization are "useless," given continuing labor violations of companies. Ahead of the 3rd State of the Nation Address, labor groups and union leaders from various industries convened in Manila to give a "State of the ........»»

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More contractual workers in gov’t

(Editor's Note: President Rodrigo Duterte will deliver his third State of the Nation Address (Sona) on July 23. The Inquirer looks back at promises he made in Sona 2016 and Sona 2017, and how he and his administration performed on those promises. We will also look at major issues that marked his two years in office in our #Sona2018 series.) "The moment I assume the presidency, contractualization will stop." But more than 800 days since President Rodrigo Duterte made this promise during the campaign, what has happened is the reverse: The number of contractual workers in the government has risen by more than 65,000. In the private sector, thousands of workers remain contractua...Keep on reading: More contractual workers in gov’t.....»»

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Duterte take on ‘jueteng’ puzzles STL workers

LUCENA CITY---The army of Small Town Lottery (STL) bet collectors here was surprised and puzzled by what appeared to be President Rodrigo Duterte going soft on the illegal numbers game "jueteng."   "Jueteng has long been dead in the province with the introduction of STL," said Mario Lagustan, a former jueteng and now STL collector.   "We know because we're former jueteng collectors and now comfortable with STL," Lagustan said.   On Friday, the President said in a speech at the National Information and Communications Summit 2018 at SMX Convention Center that jueteng contributed to economic activity in the provinces.   He also expressed conce...Keep on reading: Duterte take on ‘jueteng’ puzzles STL workers.....»»

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Duterte: ABS-CBN violating anticontractualization laws

President Rodrigo Duterte lambasted ABS-CBN Corp. anew, accusing the broadcast giant of allegedly being the top violator of the country's anticontractualization laws.   In a speech before newly elected barangay officials in Cebu last week, the President lashed out at the TV network for criticizing contractualization despite employing its workers only as talents.   "That's why I can criticize ABS-CBN. It keeps on criticizing contractualization, but their workers are all talent fee-based," he said. "In some cases, it lasts as long as 10 years. They keep on criticizing, but they are apparently number one in doing it." ABS-CBN did not issue any statement. ---Julie M. Au...Keep on reading: Duterte: ABS-CBN violating anticontractualization laws.....»»

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EO 51 entrench anti-worker practice, labor group claims

As it commended ​ the workers who showed up in a unity rally on Labor Day, the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) also criticized President Rodrigo Duterte for issuing Executive Order No. 51, a measure which it said failed to stop and legalized the practice of contractualization in the country......»»

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Workers see tougher fight over ‘endo’ in Congress

Workers see a tougher fight ahead after President Duterte tossed to Congress the ultimate resolution of their call to end contractualization......»»

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