Comment on Joe III denies rift with Council on MIWD, PECO by Nick Rivas, Jr.

This is the result of the joint venture proposal not being presented in a public hearing. PD 198 mandates that for any changes in the water rates, or a new organization coming in to help run the water district, public hearings are required.....»»

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Comment on PROBE MIWD, METROPAC DEAL: Mayor asks council to look into P12.4-B joint venture by Nick Rivas, Jr.

Under PD 198, a public hearing is required for any increase in water rates. Mayor Espinosa should ask the NEDA Regional Office what its position was on the joint venture since it reviewed the agreement ......»»

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Joe III denies rift with Council on MIWD, PECO

ILOILO CITY Mayor Jose Espinosa III and his former colleagues in the Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) seem to be on opposite sides in dealing with issues hounding public utilities in the city. During its regular session on Jan 9, 2018, the SP merely noted, instead of referring to the concerned committee, the request of Espinosa to […] The post Joe III denies rift with Council on MIWD, PECO appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Comment on TRANSPARENCY DRIVE: MIWD, MetroPac to present plans to city, town officials by Nick Rivas, Jr.

To be presented after the fact! An insult to the consumers of Iloilo and the City Government!.....»»

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Comment on City officials ‘clueless’ on proposed water rate hike by Nick Rivas, Jr.

Sec. 40 of P.D. 198 requires public hearings in case of rates increases. I have not heard of MIWD calling any hearing for such purpose. Thus, any rate increase adopted is illegal. Also, P.D. 198 states that any increase should not be more than 60 percent of the current rate......»»

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Comment on THE MORE, THE MERRIER?: Mayor welcomes more players in public utilities by Nick Rivas, Jr.

The SP should identify who specifically should take over the power requirements of Iloilo City in the event PECO's franchise is not renewed. Saying that the national government should run it is not well thought of proposal since the government has never effectively managed a public utility that satisfies people's needs. A case in point are the water districts, quasi-government entities, whose services are as ineffective, corruption-ridden, as any other public utilities (LRT, MRT ?). SP should instead look into, or work for the possibility of reducing PECO's power rates and improving its services rather than espousing a complete disenfranchisement of PECO since no organization, or other power providers have the capability of securing the power requirements of Iloilo City and other related areas on a short notice. Billion of pesos to run the system? Who has such money available now? To be honest I have this uncanny feeling of deja vu, or to be precise a feeling of: "here we go again!" about the present brouhaha about PECO's franchise extension seeing that this same thing happened several years when PECO's franchise was up for review. Basically, the same people opposed such extension; signature-takings were made, rallies were held, harsh words were uttered, ERC meetings were attended, but after a while nothing came out of it. I heard (emphasis on heard) that it seems some things were exchanged to keep certain personalities quiet. Here we are talking about billion of pesos involved. I'm sure PECO would not hesitate to part with a few million to keep its franchise. Good luck and more power (pun intended) to the people of Iloilo City. hahaha!.....»»

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Comment on NOTHING TO FEAR: 'NoToPECO supporters to hold rally at City Hall by Nick Rivas, Jr.

The principal question that needs to be addressed is: Who will take over the provision of power in the event PECO's franchise is not renewed? Pointing to the Constitution as basis for government or other entities to run the system is not overly dependable and sensible since government has other priorities, and other power groups may not have the financial capabilities to buy out PECO to effectively provide Iloilo City's power requirements. What should be worked on instead by those for aiming non-renewal is to prod the government (ERC) to lower the power rates PECO is charging its consumers and to institute an all-round improvement of services. While I, too, am not favorable of PECO's present rates and services, I would rather suggest a status quo to ensure that power is readily available instead of opting for a new and untested power provider who may not efficiently answer/provide Iloilo's power needs......»»

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Comment on Bravest ever city council by atty. perla garganera-gauzon

yes, i am one of the many, who have faith in the iloilo city council whose members have demonstrated courage in bringing this PECO issue to the fore. councilors allim and gerochi supported by vice-mayor ganzon should be lauded for their sustained support on behalf of the consumers. without the city council's backing, the consumers would be left at the mercy of PECO's unrelenting method of overcharging their customers, the erratic yet frequent brownouts and promises unkept to date. alex vidal's op-ed clearly articulates the granting of franchise to PECO's up to where we are now. Hopefully, the congressional hearing on november 22, 2017, would be held in iloilo and...televised by "tatak ilonggo" or any other local television station for us ilonggos to watch......»»

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Category: newsSource:  thedailyguardianRelated NewsNov 22nd, 2017

Comment on We can win vs Lucifer, but not against PECO by atty. perla garganera-gauzon

let us not be doomsayers and naysayers who are tempted to throw in the towel. surely, the complaints of 25 thousand consumers and counting, as well as the majority -- except 1-- of the city councilors, clearly point to the dissatisfaction of peco's service! so, trenas and penaredondo -- with espinosa -- are deemed to have clout over the city council? of course it's understandable. his hidden agenda is rearing its ugly head. trenas would favor the renewal of peco's franchise. after all his law firm has been peco's legal counsel since time immemorial. and espinosa, the "bilas" of trenas who has just recently become iloilo city's mayor? for sure he wouldn't want to rock the boat! staying neutral is his best stance. as to penaredondo's not joining the rest of councilors? let me just quote the legal dictum..."res ipsa loquitur." as long as we consumers stand united against peco, the classic david vs goliath bible story will be re-enacted in iloilo city with david, still the victor! let's keep the faith for "it's not over until the fat lady sings." let's keep the faith......»»

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‘PURE BALONEY’: City college head denies mismanagement yarn

SWEEPING statements. Blatant lies. False accusations. This is how the administrator of the Iloilo City Community College (ICCC), Maria Mathilde Treñas-Octavio, responded to allegations by four teachers relative to the management and operation of the City Hall-run school. Both parties faced the City Council during a hearing in aid of legislation on Aug 20, 2018 […] The post ‘PURE BALONEY’: City college head denies mismanagement yarn appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Palace to UNHRC: We have been proactive in looking at HR abuses

        Malacaang insisted on Saturday that government does not need to be called out to investigate the country's human rights situation as it has been proactive in looking into cases of abuses particularly on its war on drugs.     Sought for comment regarding the recent call by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) against the government, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said that the government has been doing its job on the issue of human rights.     "Nasabi ko na sa inyo na may imbentaryo kami nung mga napatay diumano sa giyera laban sa droga para malaman namin kung talagang nasunod ba ang tamang pro...Keep on reading: Palace to UNHRC: We have been proactive in looking at HR abuses.....»»

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As Saudis wilt on field, kingdom pursues soccer power grab

By Rob Harris, Associated Press MOSCOW (AP) — The Saudis have ambitions to seize control over parts of international soccer. Losing 5-0 by Russia in the World Cup opener shows they might have bigger problems at home. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had to endure the humiliation in the stadium on Thursday, with Saudi Arabia's mauling in Moscow coming at the hands of a side just below the Saudis in the FIFA rankings. Coach Juan Antonio Pizzi studiously sidestepped a question about whether his federation had been distracted lately. But it has. Just when the Saudis had a first World Cup appearance in 12 years to prepare for, the federation has been mounting a power grab of soccer far beyond the kingdom. What appears the creation of just another bureaucratic institution within the sport could actually have wider ramifications. On its face, the establishment of the South West Asian Football Federation by the Saudis, including the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan, to help to develop the game appears a benevolent undertaking, especially when the existing regional governing body is so vast. "Football is about growth and if you don't grow economically, socially, technically, you will not be moving," Saudi federation president Adel Ezzat told The Associated Press. "It's not enough for us to be in the World Cup. "We have a vision that an Asian country will win the World Cup one day, but there must be a start for that. Football is underdeveloped in many areas in Asia." Is the Asian Football Confederation to blame? "Ambitions have to be higher than winning the Asian Cup," Ezzat said. Confederation president Sheikh Salman, a Bahraini, said he "had no objection to the creation of SWAFF as long as it remains as a football body outside of the AFC's zonal structure." Scratch deeper below the surface and the true objectives of the new body seem a little cloudy. It is unclear why SWAFF is required when there are already regional offshoots of the AFC, including the West Asian Football Federation, which is led by Jordan's Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein who resisted an attempt by the Saudis to seize power of his organization before the new regional force emerged. "It will help Asia and it will help FIFA," Ezzat told The Associated Press. "We don't see anything wrong creating that connection between the south and the west. Football needs to grow." Ezzat maintained that SWAFF had followed the right legal steps to avoid breaching the rules of world football's governing body. Ezzat said FIFA governance committee head Mukul Mudgal had been dispatched by FIFA President Gianni Infantino to the SWAFF meeting on May 31 in Jeddah. The Indian judge denied he was in attendance. SWAFF said the founding members also include Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Maldives, Yemen, Oman and Kuwait. Oman Football Association General Secretary Said Othman Al Bulushi told the AP his nation was waiting to assess the statutes and legality of the body within FIFA before confirming its membership. The entire Gulf is not in SWAFF. Take a look at the map and three countries in particular are missing: Iran, Qatar and Yemen. "It's not about the geographic map," Saudi federation president Adel Ezzat said. "It's about zones." Could it also be about politics? For three years, a Saudi-led coalition has been trying to drive out Iranian-aligned Shiite rebels known as Houthis from Yemen to break the civil war in the Arab world's poorest nation and restore the exiled government. Across the Gulf, the Saudis are part of a quartet, including the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain, which has spent the last year putting the squeeze on Qatar. Diplomatic ties with the energy-rich country have been severed amid allegations that Qatar supports extremist groups in the region, which Doha denies. The Qataris, though, have plowed ahead with preparations to host an event that will put them at the center of the world's attention: the next World Cup in 2022. Ezzat won't discuss Qatar, or the 2022 World Cup. Turki Al-Sheikh, head of Saudi Arabia's General Sports Authority, has been less circumspect, demanding earlier this year that Qatar be stripped of the hosting rights if corruption around its bid was proven. For now, in Saudi sights is Qatar's flagship sports network, which owns exclusive Middle East and North African rights to the World Cup. The BeIN Sports coverage of the Russia World Cup opener was watched across Saudi Arabia — but on a pirate channel. The beoutQ signal is transmitted by a Riyadh-based satellite provider, whose largest shareholder is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Still, the BeIN coverage was seized on by Al-Sheikh to threaten legal action against the network for "wrongdoings against KSA, its sports and officials, and for exploiting sports to achieve political goals." In a tweet, Al-Sheikh added Friday that this "proves Saudi authorities' true stance when banning this network from airing on its soil." Soccer's world body, though, is finally intervening. FIFA said it is "exploring all options to stop the infringement of its rights, including in relation to action against legitimate organizations that are seen to support such illegal activities." What FIFA would not say is whether Infantino raised Qatar's concerns when he watched the opener in the Luzhniki Stadium alongside the Saudi crown prince. Infantino has been a keen visitor to Saudi Arabia over the last year, including meeting King Salman, as intrigue has swirled about the country's role in a consortium's plans to underwrite $25 billion to launch a vastly expanded Club World Cup and an international Nations League. "He knows for a fact the importance of Saudi Arabia in the region," Ezzat said. "That's why I believe he is paying a lot of attention to Saudi Arabia. ... That's a very important sign. (FIFA) know this country can play a very important role in the development of football." Infantino, though, said he believed the backing for the new competitions was "not part of a wider Saudi sports grab." The proposals have stalled because of opposition within the council to Infantino's secrecy over the financial backers. Growing football is part of a sweeping "Vision 2030" plan to wean Saudi Arabia off its near-total dependence on oil money. Prince Mohammed is trying to push Saudi Arabia to become a more cosmopolitan nation that appeals to international investors. Ezzat wants to create new soccer competitions under the auspices of SWAFF and invite countries to participate from beyond the region — particularly Europe. "The country is going through an important change," Ezzat said. "Football can be a catalyst for change. The FIFA president I'm sure knows this very well. ... My country can play an important role in football." Just not the Saudi national team at the moment......»»

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76ers president denies blasting Embiid, others via Twitter

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Philadelphia 76ers team president Bryan Colangelo is denying a report connecting the executive to Twitter accounts that criticized Sixers players Joel Embiid and Markelle Fultz, among other NBA figures. The accounts also took aim at former Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie, Toronto Raptors executive Masai Ujiri and former Sixers players Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel, according to a report by The Ringer. The website asked the team about five Twitter accounts it suspected Colangelo was operating. He said in a statement he used one of the accounts to monitor the NBA industry and other current events, but he was “not familiar with any of the other accounts” brought to his attention and he didn’t know who was “behind them or what their motives may be in using them.” Embiid told ESPN on Tuesday night (Wednesday, PHL time) that Colangelo called him and denied the article. The 24-year-old center also tweeted that he didn’t believe the story. “That would just be insane,” he wrote. Fun night on Twitter lmao.. All jokes asides I don’t believe the story. That would just be insane — Joel Embiid (@JoelEmbiid) May 30, 2018 Yahoo Sports reported Colangelo was standing by his statement to The Ringer. A message was left by The Associated Press seeking comment from the Sixers. Colangelo was hired as president of basketball operations for Philadelphia in April 2016. He also served as Toronto’s general manager from 2006-2013. Colangelo, the son of longtime sports executive Jerry Colangelo, stepped in with the Sixers after Hinkie resigned. He lost his GM job in Toronto after the Raptors missed the playoffs for the fifth consecutive season, and Ujiri took over basketball operations. According to The Ringer, one of the Twitter accounts it connected to Colangelo downplayed Hinkie’s role in the franchise’s turnaround. It also lamented in another post that Ujiri hadn’t done anything to make the Raptors better. Another account accused Embiid of “playing like a toddler having tantrums,” and one criticized Fultz for his work with his “so called mentor/father figure.”.....»»

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Myanmar army chief denies rape of Rohingya as UN visits

YANGON, Myanmar – Myanmar's army chief denied his forces committed rape and other sexual abuses during a crackdown he ordered on Rohingya Muslims , as he addressed UN Security Council delegates in the capital Naypyidaw. Senior General Min Aung Hlaing heads an army accused of "ethnic cleansing" by the ........»»

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Calida on Sereno’s SALNs: ‘If you have it, why can’t you show it?’

            "If you have it, why can't you show it," Solicitor General Jose C. Calida saidon Tuesdayas he dared Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno to show all her statements of assets, liabilities and networth (SALNs) if it is true that she has already recovered the missing copies. In her comment on the quo warranto proceedings, Sereno said the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) has relaxed the rules on the submission of the SALN. Sereno added that aside from her, other aspirants to the post of Chief Justice in 2012 and some of the incumbent Associate Justices, have also failed to submit one or some of their SALNs. The camp of the ...Keep on reading: Calida on Sereno’s SALNs: ‘If you have it, why can’t you show it?’.....»»

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City Council clueless on MIWD rate hike hearing

By: Maricyn A. De los Santos and Louine Hope Conserva MEMBERS of Iloilo City Council were surprised that Metro Iloilo Water District (MIWD) conducted a public hearing without them being informed or even invited. In a privilege speech Feb.27, 2018, Councilor Joshua Alim said he wants to be clarified if there is indeed a petition for […] The post City Council clueless on MIWD rate hike hearing appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Swiss gov’t seeks to bar minors from tanning salons

  GENEVA --- Switzerland's government is thinking of barring its minors from using tanning salons because of the long-term risk that radiation from ultraviolet (UV) beds could cause skin cancer.   The seven-member Federal Council took the position on Wednesday as it sought public comment on a package of safety measures meant to protect the population from exposure to UV radiation and excessively loud noises.   The proposals also include limiting medical lasers in cosmetic treatments as well as rules for electronic amplifiers at demonstrations, such as requiring organizers to provide ear protection if sound levels exceed an average of 93 decibels. &nbs...Keep on reading: Swiss gov’t seeks to bar minors from tanning salons.....»»

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Senator’s help sought in PECO franchise hearing

ALL IS NOT lost for Iloilo City Councilor Joshua Alim as regards his opposition to the franchise renewal of Panay Electric Company (PECO). On Feb 6, 2018, Alim and the rest of the City Council passed a resolution requesting Senator Grace Poe, chairperson of Senate committee on public utility, to conduct a public hearing relative […] The post Senator’s help sought in PECO franchise hearing appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Cam denies launching smear campaign with Ang against Balutan

LEGAZPI CITY --- "That's a bullshit lie." That was how Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) board member Sandra Cam denied the accusation that she and gaming operator Charlie "Atong" Ang were behind the smear campaign against the PCSO General Manager Alexander Balutan. "On the first day that I assumed [my post] in PCSO, it was he [Balutan] and[PCSO Chairman Jorge] Corpuz who bullied me on my first day," Cam told reporters here on Monday. Cam, a former "jueteng" whistle-blower, had a rift with Balutan after she slammed the PCSO for staging an "extravagant" Christmas party. Cam had also told a hearing of the Senate that she would want to expose corruption in the PCS...Keep on reading: Cam denies launching smear campaign with Ang against Balutan.....»»

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Iloilo lawmaker mum on Cha-cha rift

REP. Raul Tupas (5th district, Iloilo) refused to comment for now on the rift between the House of Representatives and the Senate on Charter change (Cha-Cha). Tupas said he cannot comment on the claim of House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez that congressmen can continue amending the 1987 Constitution sans the participation of the Senate. While the […] The post Iloilo lawmaker mum on Cha-cha rift appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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