Comment on Council urges closure of ‘smelly’ Oton piggery by Sonie D. Nadala

I am Engr. Sonie D. Nadala from INAVET Nutrition Technologies Inc., our company provides a novel microbial technology for wastewater treatment, specifically for odor elimination and wastewater effluent management to be in lined with DENR Standards. Microbe-Lift products for wastewater treatment was manufactured from Florida USA. With over 41 years of field expertise and application in all types and conditions of wastewater system. 100% no repackaging after importation with EPA and FDA registration, nontoxic, non-pathogenic and environmentally friendly. The product is capable of degradation and restoration of all types of organic waste (proteins, fats, carbohydrates and long chains of fatty acid and even hydrocarbons to the extent). The product is a liquid consortium of high count, complete types and with over 32 strains of diverse and far capable bacteria for wastewater treatment. Microbe-Lift technology is able to perform its function with or without the presence of Aeration Units. We are currently serving San Miguel Brewery in Pampanga with regards on their Yeast Slurry concern, a by-product of beer fermentation, we also serve Fresh Options (RDF Meat Cutting Plant in Porac Pampanga for their oil and grease concerns) and Virginia Farms and Virginia Food Inc. in Cebu City, and Piggery Farms nationwide. We would like to present our product technology and company further in your most convenient time. Attached file was our product brochure for your reference. Hope this will merit your approval for our intent to present and have appointment with your concerned team. Kind and Thanks! Engr. Sonie D. Nadala RPAE 09275676639 License # 2700827.....»»

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US urges UN to keep NKorea sanctions until ‘real progress’ in talks

UNITED NATIONS: The United States on Monday urged the United Nations Security Council to maintain sanctions on North Korea until there is real progress toward scrapping Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program. US National Security Advisor HR McMaster met with council ambassadors in New York, a few days after President Donald Trump agreed to a summit meeting [...] The post US urges UN to keep NKorea sanctions until ‘real progress’ in talks appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Swiss gov’t seeks to bar minors from tanning salons

  GENEVA --- Switzerland's government is thinking of barring its minors from using tanning salons because of the long-term risk that radiation from ultraviolet (UV) beds could cause skin cancer.   The seven-member Federal Council took the position on Wednesday as it sought public comment on a package of safety measures meant to protect the population from exposure to UV radiation and excessively loud noises.   The proposals also include limiting medical lasers in cosmetic treatments as well as rules for electronic amplifiers at demonstrations, such as requiring organizers to provide ear protection if sound levels exceed an average of 93 decibels. &nbs...Keep on reading: Swiss gov’t seeks to bar minors from tanning salons.....»»

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Council refuses to back mayor’s road closure

THE Iloilo City Council refused to dip into the almost one-month temporary closure of a portion of the busy Rizal Street in Jaro district. In their regular session on Jan 16, 2017, Majority Floor Leader Eduardo Peñaredondo withdrew his proposed ordinance that would supposedly grant the Association of Barangay Captains of Jaro permit to use […] The post Council refuses to back mayor’s road closure appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Comment on PROBE MIWD, METROPAC DEAL: Mayor asks council to look into P12.4-B joint venture by Nick Rivas, Jr.

Under PD 198, a public hearing is required for any increase in water rates. Mayor Espinosa should ask the NEDA Regional Office what its position was on the joint venture since it reviewed the agreement ......»»

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Comment on Joe III denies rift with Council on MIWD, PECO by Nick Rivas, Jr.

This is the result of the joint venture proposal not being presented in a public hearing. PD 198 mandates that for any changes in the water rates, or a new organization coming in to help run the water district, public hearings are required.....»»

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MICC experts to start mine closure review this month

THE Mining Industry Coordinating Council’s (MICC) teams of independent experts will begin this month the investigation of 26 mines ordered closed by the Environment department under previous leadership last year. “The interagency Mining Industry Coordinating Council (MICC) is set to begin this January its ‘fact-finding and science-based’ review of an initial batch of 26 mine […] The post MICC experts to start mine closure review this month appeared first on BusinessWorld......»»

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Be fair, Palace urges 2 Pinoy UN rapporteurs

MALACAÑANG yesterday appealed to two Filipino United Nations Human Rights Council special rapporteurs not to embarrass the present administration with claims of supposed human rights abuses against indigenous and internally displaced peoples in Mindanao. Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque in an audio statement made available to reporters pointed out that special….....»»

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Comment on P41 HIKE IN WATER RATES: MIWD to award P12.34-B distribution deal to MetroPac by Fergus Ducharme

What a ridiculous group at the MIWD! Magsuci is reported to have stated recently, as reported above, "we have the supply". If that is in fact the case, why then are we in Oton on water rationing - with water available only 3 days a week? And low, low pressure in the lines. Wow, under this new plan we will have 10 PSI of pressure in the water lines. What does 10 PSI pressure in the lines look like? Is it a trickle as we have suffered with for almost years? The way MIWD works we will have to suffer through more continued rationing and low line pressure for the foreseeable future. Seems like MIWD has never heard of long term planning and they can operate only by "the seat of their pants"......»»

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Comment on MIWD manager says City Hall got updates on projects by Fergus Ducharme

Great, everyone else gets water system improvements and Oton is ignored as usual. When oh when will we in Oton get the service we deserve and have earned by supplying everyone else with our precious water resource?.....»»

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Palace urges public to stay alert, brace for ‘Urduja’

MALACAÑANG on Saturday, December 16, urged public to stay alert and prepare for Tropical Storm Urduja, which is expected to make a landfall over Northern and Eastern Samar Saturday afternoon. Communications Secretary Martin Andanar reminded those who will be affected to heed the advice of local executives and disaster coordinating council to ensure their safety.… link: Palace urges public to stay alert, brace for ‘Urduja’.....»»

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Fil-Am Daly City councilor in hot water over photo with Bato

DALY CITY -- The erstwhile mayor of this Bay Area City with a large Filipino population denied endorsing alleged human rights violations in the Philippines after a photo posted in many social media outlets showed him appearing to give a plaque of appreciation to with the visiting Philippine National Police (PNP) chief as the San Francisco Philippine Consul-General stood by. Former Daly City mayor, now back as Daly City council member, Glenn Sylvester, a Fil-Am, denied that he endorsed PNP Chief General Ronaldo "Bato" de la Rosa in the San Francisco Philippine Consulate meet-and-greet for the police chief. "I have no comment at this time," reluctantly replied Sylvester when aske...Keep on reading: Fil-Am Daly City councilor in hot water over photo with Bato.....»»

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Jaro Plaza closure nipped in the bud

By: Isabella Marie A. Zerrudo MOVES to close Jaro Plaza in Iloilo City for an agro-industrial fair next year was stymied by opposition councilors on Dec 12, 2017. Closure of the historic plaza came to fore once more after Councilor Jose Efrain Treñas III presented a resolution requesting the City Council to allow the Association of […] The post Jaro Plaza closure nipped in the bud appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Comment on Bravest ever city council by atty. perla garganera-gauzon

yes, i am one of the many, who have faith in the iloilo city council whose members have demonstrated courage in bringing this PECO issue to the fore. councilors allim and gerochi supported by vice-mayor ganzon should be lauded for their sustained support on behalf of the consumers. without the city council's backing, the consumers would be left at the mercy of PECO's unrelenting method of overcharging their customers, the erratic yet frequent brownouts and promises unkept to date. alex vidal's op-ed clearly articulates the granting of franchise to PECO's up to where we are now. Hopefully, the congressional hearing on november 22, 2017, would be held in iloilo and...televised by "tatak ilonggo" or any other local television station for us ilonggos to watch......»»

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Comment on We can win vs Lucifer, but not against PECO by atty. perla garganera-gauzon

let us not be doomsayers and naysayers who are tempted to throw in the towel. surely, the complaints of 25 thousand consumers and counting, as well as the majority -- except 1-- of the city councilors, clearly point to the dissatisfaction of peco's service! so, trenas and penaredondo -- with espinosa -- are deemed to have clout over the city council? of course it's understandable. his hidden agenda is rearing its ugly head. trenas would favor the renewal of peco's franchise. after all his law firm has been peco's legal counsel since time immemorial. and espinosa, the "bilas" of trenas who has just recently become iloilo city's mayor? for sure he wouldn't want to rock the boat! staying neutral is his best stance. as to penaredondo's not joining the rest of councilors? let me just quote the legal dictum..."res ipsa loquitur." as long as we consumers stand united against peco, the classic david vs goliath bible story will be re-enacted in iloilo city with david, still the victor! let's keep the faith for "it's not over until the fat lady sings." let's keep the faith......»»

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US urges passage of Japan proposal to extend probe of chemical weapons attacks in Syria

The US State Department on Friday urged passage of a Japan-drafted United Nations Security Council resolution to renew an international inquiry into chemical weapons attacks in Syria for one month......»»

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Remove PH as member, group urges UN rights council

Remove PH as member, group urges UN rights council.....»»

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Anger as Swedish neo-Nazis prepare for Yom Kippur march – Al Jazeera

Swedish anti-racist politicians, watchdog groups and Jewish organisations have expressed anger as self-professed National Socialists prepare for a rally slated to take place on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur in the country's second-largest city. The Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), which anti-racist organisations describe as neo-Nazis, is holding a demonstration on September 30 in Gothenburg, which is located on Sweden's western coast. They have dubbed the event &'8220;Revolt against the traitors&'8221;. The event will be a rally against &'8220;the politicians in the Swedish parliament as well as the European Parliament&'8221; who &'8220;have flung our nation's borders wide open to an unprecedented invasion&'8221;, the NRM said in a statement, referring to the country's acceptance of refugees and migrants fleeing war and economic devastation in recent years. The statement added, &'8220;Today's politicians and journalists are nothing short of robbers and traitors!&'8221; At the time of publication, the NRM had not replied to Al Jazeera's repeated requests for additional comment. Linda Snecker, a spokesperson for Sweden's Left Party, described the NRM as &'8220;a threat against our democracy and open society&'8221;. Speaking to Al Jazeera by telephone, she said, &'8220;It's a threat against all of us who are anti-racists, who are feminists, [and those] who celebrate LGBTQ society. The neo-Nazis are a threat against all of those values that we believe and fight for.&'8221; Police have changed the NRM's planned route, prompting the group to hold a flash demonstration in Gothenburg on September 17, with some 60 demonstrators marching through the city centre. In a video posted on the NRM's YouTube channel, the demonstrators waved flags and chanted against immigration. When angry passers-by confronted them, an NRM protester threw a woman to the pavement. Although the NRM has been active for two decades, Snecker said the group is attempting to capitalise on the rise of the far-right Sweden Democrats Party, which has 49 seats in the national legislature, and the wave of far-right populism that has hit parts of Europe and the US in recent years. &'8220;Their agenda is violence, to scare people, to show you can't protest against them and that they have a violent capacity,&'8221; she said. &'8220;That's really scary.&'8221; The demonstration was set to pass near a synagogue in the city centre, which has prompted faith leaders to express concern for the city's Jewish community. However, a court ruled on Monday that the route would have to be changed. Aron Verstandig, chairman of The Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities, and Allan Stutzinky, chairman of the Jewish Community in Gothenburg, decried the police's decision to grant the NRM a permit in an opinion article published by the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper earlier this month. &'8220;Aside from out of fear for our own security, it evokes uncomfortable associations for us Jews. During the Holocaust, it wasn't unusual for the German Nazis to conduct their horrendous atrocities on the most important days of the Jewish calendar,&'8221; they wrote. Henrik Dahlberg, a media spokesperson for the City of Gothenburg, said it does not have the legal authority to prevent the march from taking place. &'8220;Demonstrations such as this one have a very strong protection in the Swedish constitution,&'8221; he told Al Jazeera by email. &'8220;Therefore, the march in and of itself cannot be stopped.&'8221; In 2016, the anti-racist magazine Expo documented 3,064 instances of neo-Nazi activities in Sweden. The bulk of the activities involved spreading propaganda, such as distributing flyers and posting stickers. In a December 2016 study that examined the profiles of 159 NRM members, Expo found that more than a quarter of them had previously been charged with violent crimes, while 56 percent had been convicted of a crime. Explaining that the group had grown in recent years, Expo added that a third of active NRM members in 2015 had not previously had any documented connections to neo-Nazi organisations. Last week, Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Lofven called for action to combat the rise in far-right activity in the country. &'8220;When we now see an escalation of these extremist forces, and we are moving towards a normalization of racist parties too, then we must do something,&'8221; he said. Daniel Wiklander, Expo's acting managing editor, described the NRM's upcoming demonstration as &'8220;an outrage&'8221;. Wiklander explains that the NRM draws on the ideological traditions of the German National Socialists, American white supremacist groups that were prevalent in the 1980s and other European fascist organisations that were active in the lead-up to and during World War II. &'8220;At this point, it's the only national socialist organisation, but they exist within a larger white nationalist and far-right alignment,&'8221; he said. &'8220;For a long time, they were a fringe movement because they were very hostile to [far-right] competition and mostly stuck to their own. In the last 10 years, they've [benefited from] different [white supremacist] groups coming together.&'8221; The NRM was founded as the Swedish Resistance Movement in 1997 by Klas Lund, who has previously spent time in prison for bank robbery and manslaughter for the 1986 killing of an anti-racist organiser who intervened to stop the harassment of migrants. More recently, the NRM has established a branch in neighbouring Finland, where its members have attacked anti-racist demonstrations and LGBTQ pride events. The group advocates Sweden's exit from the European Union, the mass deportation of all refugees and migrants and what it describes as &'8220;Nordic self-sufficiency&'8221; based on National Socialist ideology, among other far-right policies. In July 2017, a court in [&'].....»»

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Baguio City mayor urges council to correct truck ban | SunStar - Sun.Star

Baguio City mayor urges council to correct truck ban | SunStar - Sun.Star.....»»

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AFC urges FIFA to rule on Council picks

AFC urges FIFA to rule on Council picks.....»»

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Think tank urges Duterte to stand firm on DENR’s closure of mines

Think tank urges Duterte to stand firm on DENR’s closure of mines.....»»

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