Classroom crash kills 2 kids

SYDNEY -- Two young children were killed and three seriously injured Tuesday when a car ploughed into their classroom at a Sydney school, with witnesses and emergency services describing “pandemonium” at the scene. The tragedy occurred at the Banksia Road Public School when the car smashed into a wooden classroom….....»»

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Crash between bus and taxi kills 14 in Algeria

Algiers, Algeria --- A collision between a passenger bus and a taxi in Algeria killed 14 people and injured 22 others on Thursday, authorities said. The accident occurred at Sfid on a national highway linking the northwestern areas of Saida and El Bayadh, according to the emergency services. The 22 people injured were evacuated to hospital. Accidents claim around 4,000 lives each year on Algeria's roads, mainly due to the failure of motorists to comply with traffic rules....Keep on reading: Crash between bus and taxi kills 14 in Algeria.....»»

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Colombian army helicopter crash kills 10

Ten people were killed when a Colombian army helicopter crashed near the town of Segovia, in northern Antioquia province, on Tuesday, the army said. Source link link: Colombian army helicopter crash kills 10.....»»

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One Rohingya’s struggle to empower women in Malaysia – Al Jazeera

Tucked away upstairs at a shopping plaza in this city’s north end is a small storefront turned classroom for dozens of Rohinyga women and children. The sound of these women reciting English phrases, laughing and the occasional cries of kids can be heard in the stairwell. Its founder, Sharifah Husain, 24, said she wanted to do something to help women and children in her community, who are not allowed to work or study in Malaysia. “I noticed we didn’t have a Rohingya women’s organisation that was standing up for women – to be the voice of women,” Husain said. Husain comes from Buthidaung village in Myanmar’s restive Rakhine state. Her father fled to Malaysia when she was five-years old, fearing for his life. Husain was left behind with her mother and two younger siblings. The village was attacked soon afterward, so Husain’s mother took them to Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar – then known as Burma. Her recollection of the traumatic moment when a local mob attacked her village is hazy. It took place almost 20 years ago. But it mirrors the accounts of Rohingya refugees now in Bangladesh, who’ve recently fled the Myanmar’s army clearance operations and local Buddhist mobs. “My mother was arrested in Yangon and sentenced to prison for not having official [identification or travel] documents,” Husain recounted. “This left me in charge.” Husain can’t remember how long she spent in Yangon, but she said she was separated from her siblings and sent north to Mandalay and forced into servitude. She spoke to her father in Malaysia, over the phone, and he agreed to pay human traffickers to bring Husain and her siblings to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s largest city. All three, including Husain, were smuggled by land, into Thailand and Malaysia. At that time the Southeast Asia trafficking route wasn’t as defined as it is today. Human trafficking groups in Bangladesh and Thailand now make a lot of money off of poor, desperate refugees fleeing war and violence in Myanmar. Today, the concern faced by the Malaysia government is if it recognises its refugees then that could send a signal to more to make the perilous journey, now taken by sea from Myanmar and Bangladesh to sanctuary in Malaysia, where they don’t face violent persecution. The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, states there are 152,170 registered refugees in Malaysia. The majority are Rohingya, displaced from their homes in Myanmar, like Husain. But the amount of unregistered refugees varies widely from 40,000 to 140,000, according to Asylum Access Malaysia. “The big question is – when are the boats going to come? There’s no indication they will now, but there’s definitely a high possibility that they will. And once new groups arrive, that complicates [the] situation,” said Deepa Nambiar, Asylum Access Malaysia director. UNHCR runs what it calls a “parallel school system” for refugees in Malaysia, allowing children to  access basic, primary-level education. Refugee groups and local faith-based organisations fund these schools, staffed by volunteers. One-hundred and twenty-eight informal refugee schools in Malaysia access funding from the UN. It provides education to 7,154 children, according to UNHCR. Malaysia’s Prime Minister’s Office states 16,809 Rohingya refugee children are registered with UNHCR. This means about 10,000, or more, refugee children in Malaysia are unable to access any form of education. A dozen or so more informal refugee schools exist but rely solely on donations and are understaffed, said Asylum Access. “To live in Malaysia, yes you can live, but you don’t have a future. You are in a box. You can’t go out of the box,” Husain said. Husain has received no formal education in Malaysia. This is remarkable considering her drive to educate refugee women and children. Malaysians are supporting Rohingya Women’s Development Network by volunteering as teachers and support staff. Rohinyga Women’s Development Network started officially last year. But Husain has spent the last decade educating her community’s most vulnerable women and children in their own homes. “I have built up a trust. The men especially trust me. They feel safe sending their wives to our centre because they know me,” Husain said. Word has spread and more refugee families are now attending Rohingya Women’s Development Network classes, where they receive English-language instruction, leadership training and brand new self-defence classes. “We want to stop domestic violence. We want to stop child marriages in the community. We want to build up women’s empowerment,” Husain said. “We really need the Malaysia government to recognise us.” Husain is trying to change the mentality in the Rohingya and wider refugee community in Malaysia, that women and girls can’t study, work, or earn an income. She receives some funding from UNHCR to run programmes but uses her own money to keep them going. “Of course I have support from my family. My father is my hero. My husband is my hero. Both of these men have really pushed me forward,” Husain added. The Rohingya Women’s Development Network has teamed up with Asylum Access Malaysia on a refugee theatre project. This will allow refugee women to educate the community on issues of sexual violence. “What I think is so innovative about Sharifah and the team is that when we were discussing this project they said ‘we need to get men involved’,” Nambiar said. Husain is appealing to others in the refugee community to support initiatives set up by the Malaysia government and civil society groups to help […].....»»

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Quiapo blaze kills 5 kids, would-be rescuer

The fire that hit Arlegui Street in Quiapo, Manila, Wednesday night killed six people, including five children, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) said Thursday. Senior Insp. Eden Alumno of BFP-San Lazaro told Radyo Inquirer 990AM that the remains of the victims were found at the house of Ashley Dacu where the fire reportedly started. Three of the victims were identified as Dacu's children: Jamaica, 2; Jamila, 8; and Jamaila, 9. The other two children were the house owner's niece and nephew, Baby Love Sampaco, 10, and Gerald Sampan, 9. The sixth victim, Michael Ramos, 30, died after he tried to save the children. Ramos was Dacu's nephew. BFP volunteer group TXTFirePhilip...Keep on reading: Quiapo blaze kills 5 kids, would-be rescuer.....»»

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California school co-founded by Fil-Am orients kids to social justice

LOS ANGELES -- Outside Elizabeth Kleinrock's 4th-grade classroom hangs, by the entrance, a sign that welcomes undocumented people. Inside, the classroom walls are decorated with charts that define fairness, justice/injustice, race/ethnicity and gender inequality and what being an ally and advocate means. This isn't your everyday 4th-grade classroom. Kleinrock, known as Ms. Liz, teaches fourth graders at the Citizens of the World Charter School -- Silver Lake (CWC -- SL), a network of schools committed to socio-economic, cultural and racial diversity. CWC -- Silver Lake prepares transitional kindergarten through 8th grade (TK-8) students for academic success, but what separat...Keep on reading: California school co-founded by Fil-Am orients kids to social justice.....»»

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Small plane crash-lands on packed Portuguese beach, kills 2

LISBON — A light plane made an emergency landing on a packed beach near Lisbon on Wednesday, killing a man and an 8-year-old girl who were sunbathing, author.....»»

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Laborer kills self

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet , Philippines   – A laborer reportedly committed suicide inside a classroom at an elementary school in Pudtol, Apayao on Tuesday. .....»»

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India passenger bus crash kills 22 – BBC News

India passenger bus crash kills 22 – BBC News.....»»

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US veteran kills one in Times Square car crash, 22 hurt

US veteran kills one in Times Square car crash, 22 hurt.....»»

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Bus-truck crash in Kenya kills at least 26

Bus-truck crash in Kenya kills at least 26.....»»

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Priest's speeding pickup kills cop in Negros Occidental crash

Priest's speeding pickup kills cop in Negros Occidental crash.....»»

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Bus crash kills 44 in northern India – official

Bus crash kills 44 in northern India – official.....»»

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Bus crash kills 32 in Nueva Ecija -

Bus crash kills 32 in Nueva Ecija -»»

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Bus crash kills 32 in Nueva Ecija -

Bus crash kills 32 in Nueva Ecija -»»

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Ecija bus crash kills 27

Ecija bus crash kills 27.....»»

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Tourist bus crash kills 24 in Mexico

Tourist bus crash kills 24 in Mexico.....»»

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How my daughter died from a simple case of flu – CNN News

It's Day 836. I've cried more times today than I can count. You'd think by now, I could go days without crying, but I can't get over the guilt. Shannon's only complaint was a sore throat. Her fever wasn't even scary. I spent (wasted is a better word) most of my morning Googling flu information again today. The complex science of mutating viruses leaves me boggled. If I can't make sense of it, how can I explain the importance of stopping the flu to others? After more than two years, my husband Terry and I haven't said the &'8220;D&'8221; word yet. Although I have said, &'8220;she died&'8221; several times, we somehow can't say the words &'8220;Shannon is d&'&'8221; No dreams of Shannon last night. I want to see you again so bad. If I could just talk to her one last time. Tell her how sorry I am. Does she know? Can she see from heaven? I have mixed feelings about how things work up there, I just know they do. Going through some books, I came across one of her homemade bookmarks she made, when she was little. I got a card from the donation center. They're doing a curb pick up next week for &'8220;gently used clothing.&'8221; I can't do it yet There are pieces she hardly wore &'8212; her new clothes for senior year &'8212; that she only just began to wear. So yeah, they're gently used. Just barely used. Day 837 is turning out to be an especially bad one. This is the kind of day I should go on Facebook and talk to the other mothers on our private page called &'8220;Flu Moms.&'8221; Last time I got on, I noticed a couple of new names. Clearly children are still dying. I thank God for this group of moms. We can vent and encourage depending on our own mood &'8212; a safe place to share how we feel and how we cope. Some of the mothers have developed nonprofits to honor their little ones. They plant municipal flowerbeds and organize 5k runs to raise money for awareness. God bless their efforts The seasonal flu kills healthy, active, precious kids every year. Shannon went to school on a Wednesday, came home like always, but said a friend &'8220;gave&'8221; her the flu. I sent her up to her room and began the same things any parent would do. I brought her liquids, applesauce, and soup. She complained of a sore throat, so her dad brought home throat spray, Tylenol, throat lozenges, and a little gift. She developed a fever, but not so high to take her to the ER. Later that week, I thought she ought to be feeling better, so I wondered if she was taking advantage of days off of school and being waited on. I'd go into her room and her eyes would be closed. I couldn't tell if she was faking or not. I took her cell phone and tucked it under the clean laundry I'd put on her dresser for her to put away. Next time I went in, she had the phone back, so I knew she was OK. By Sunday, she just seemed weak. She was texting and watching TV, but she wasn't eating good and she seemed lethargic. So I sent her to the clinic with her dad, with a little journal of her temperature readings, liquid intake and even her O2 sats. I didn't go with them because I wanted to clean her room and change her sheets. All nice and fresh for her, you know? Terry sent me a picture of Shannon sitting in a wheelchair with a mask on, leaning her head on his shoulder. That's the last picture we have of her. When they returned home, she walked in through the back door and said the visit to the doctor was a waste of time. The doctor just said it was the flu and to &'8220;let it run its course.&'8221; The doctor didn't have a lot of time to spend with her, because the waiting room was packed with people who seemed to have the flu also. Her high school had something like 150 kids who were out of school with it. Thirty-four hours later, Shannon came downstairs. When she went into the bathroom, she tapped on the shower curtain, so I helped her into the tub. By this time I was sweating with fear. I hadn't helped her with a bath since she was little. Something was horribly wrong. When she leaned back in the tub and I saw her eyes, I knew she was dying. I got behind her and lifted her out. I sat on the toilet with her sitting on my lap and she died. There was nothing that could be done to save her. Health care professionals — from ambulance EMTs to the mighty Mayo Clinic — couldn't bring her back to me. The flu destroyed her organs. She didn't even know it. Shannon chose not to get vaccinated. I wish she had. If I had pushed her into getting a flu shot, then I wouldn't have the guilt about &'8220;what if.&'8221; What if the vaccine had given her a little extra control over the invasion? That's what the vaccine should do. While you can still get the flu even if you've had a flu shot, it can reduce the risk [&'].....»»

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Panama bus crash kills at least 18

Panama bus crash kills at least 18.....»»

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Another train crash kills 32

Another train crash kills 32.....»»

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Chapecoense Real: Plane crash kills dream of football team that defied odds

Chapecoense Real: Plane crash kills dream of football team that defied odds.....»»

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