Chiz Vows to Fight for CHR Budget in Senate

Chiz Vows to Fight for CHR Budget in Senate.....»»

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CHR final budget depends on bicam — DBM

MANILA, Philippines — The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) can still fight for a higher budget with the support of the Senate, the Department of Budget and M.....»»

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Lacson vows to fight for P678-million CHR budget

Lacson vows to fight for P678-million CHR budget.....»»

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Duterte seeks funding for 30,000 troops to fight threat ‘bigger than Marawi crisis’

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has asked Congress to support the budget for the hiring of additional 30,000 troops following the discovery of a new security threat in Mindanao which is “bigger than” the Marawi crisis. Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon and Sen. Panfilo Lacson said on Wednesday that the President has asked their support to address [...].....»»

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Trump budget plan shows how he would reshape nation – CNN News

An early glimpse at President Donald Trump's first budget proposal offers the clearest blueprint yet of how he plans to remake the nation. The plan envisages a 10% hike in military spending to be paid for by sharp cuts in other government departments, with the State Department and the Environmental Protection Agency each bracing for a particularly painful hit. If enacted, the plan would involve a radical domestic reshaping of the federal government paired with a shift in the posture of American diplomacy around the world. It is an approach that flows directly from the rhetoric and positions adopted by Trump on the campaign trail playing to his grass-roots supporters' deep distrust of Washington and his &'8220;America First&'8221; political creed. &'8220;This is a landmark event, a message to the world, in these dangerous times, of American strength, security and resolve,&'8221; Trump said Monday. The budget plan comes at a time when the administration is making strenuous efforts to flesh out the ideological and political foundations on which the new GOP White House is built. Top officials, including the President, previewed a strident change of political direction at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last week, and Trump will intensify the effort with his first address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night &'8212; a crucial moment for the new administration. But the controversial nature of Trump's emerging budget &'8212; always a magnet for partisan opposition &'8212; guarantees a fight that will test the White House's capacity to corral lawmakers and shape public opinion. It also demonstrates a desire to boost military might and de-emphasize diplomatic reductions that will reverberate in foreign capitals of friends and foes alike. Already, a cadre of retired generals and admirals has warned that cutting State Department funding on diplomacy and development would make America less safe. Democrats say they will use every tool at their disposal, which includes the power of the filibuster in the Senate, to block Trump's plans. The President could also face resistance from Republican budget hawks in Congress. Defense hawks, meanwhile, are arguing that the $54 billion dollar hike in defense spending is not enough after years of budget sequestration that capped military funding. It is not yet clear exactly where the cuts will come from. Monday's announcement involved top-line numbers from the 2018 budget sent to government agencies that must now work out how to adjust their spending. Any budget issued by the White House is merely an opening bid, and many soon become worthless documents once Congress, with its competing demands on the public purse, gets to work. Democrats, who could try to frustrate Trump by refusing to lift caps on defense spending by wielding the Senate filibuster, sensed a political opportunity to undercut Trump's appeal to working-class voters as they try to rebuild their party's support ahead of midterm elections next year. &'8220;The budget proposal is a reflection of where the President is at and who he is (and) what today's hard-right Republican party &'8212; which has done this budget through its Cabinet &'8212; believes in,&'8221; said Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. &'8220;Which is relieve the burdens on the wealthy and special interests, whether they be coal companies or financiers, and put the burden on the middle class.&'8221; But Trump styles himself as a shrewd negotiator steeped in the give-and-take of real estate transactions and is known for making the kinds of bold opening gambits that the budget announcement on Monday represents. The proposals were also formulated directly from the fiery speeches of the President's campaign, which underpinned his belief that he has a mandate for radical change and might make any compromise harder. &'8220;When you see these reductions, you'll be able to tie it back to a speech the President gave, or something the President had said previously,&'8221; Trump's budget director, Mick Mulvaney, told reporters on Monday. &'8220;We are taking his words and turning them into policies and dollars.&'8221; The goals are consistent with the theory of Trumpism laid out by the President's political adviser, Steve Bannon, at CPAC last week, which included a push to &'8220;deconstruct the administrative state.&'8221; Indeed, the budget would remold the federal government by paring back programs introduced by the Obama administration &'8212; for example, EPA regulations on the fossil fuels industry &'8212; and other agency reductions. In practice, according to Mulvaney, that involves a sweeping reset of political priorities. &'8220;It is a true 'America first' budget,&'8221; said Mulvaney. &'8220;It will show the President is keeping his promises and doing exactly what he said he was going to do when he ran for office. It prioritized rebuilding the military, including restoring our nuclear capabilities, protecting the nation and securing the border, enforcing the laws currently on the books, taking care of vets and increasing school choice.&'8221; Still, with Trump vowing not to touch popular non-discretionary spending targets like Medicare and Social Security, his budget team faces a tortuous task in wringing out savings at agencies while preserving room for Trump's promised big tax cuts. Every dollar that is cut from discretionary spending could affect other popular and vital programs, including transportation, conservation, agriculture and commerce &'8212; all of which have powerful lobbies ready to go into battle for their funding. And Trump does not want to tighten the national belt everywhere. For instance, he is proposing spending billions of dollars on his pet project of a southern border wall, though he has promised [&'].....»»

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Senate vows to scrutinize 2017 budget

Senate vows to scrutinize 2017 budget.....»»

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Lacson backs Drilon on tax bill amendments

  Sen. Panfilo Lacson has supported the proposal of Minority Leader Sen. Franklin Drilon to make senators present amendments to the proposed 2018 P3.7-trillion national budget on the Senate floor for transparency.   Lacson said there was reason to believe that the Duterte administration's proposed budget next year was riddled with pork barrel funds of congressmen and senators.   He agrees with Drilon's proposal to discuss senators' proposed amendments openly on the floor and not secretly.   According to Lacson, current practice allows senators to submit proposed amendments in writing, which "is not clear and has no transparency."   ...Keep on reading: Lacson backs Drilon on tax bill amendments.....»»

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Drilon wants tokhang, intel funds go to PNP housing

November 16, 2017. Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon has proposed to realign some P1.414 billion anti-illegal drug campaign budget to build more housing units for personnel of the Philippine National Police (PNP). Drilon made the proposal during the interpellation of the P170.99 billion budget of the… Source link link: Drilon wants tokhang, intel funds go to PNP housing.....»»

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US House of Representatives approves tax overhaul, shifts fight to Senate

The U.S. House of Representatives approved a broad package of tax cuts affecting businesses, individuals and families on Thursday, moving Republicans and President Donald Trump an important step closer to the biggest tax code overhaul in a generation. Source link link: US House of Representatives approves tax overhaul, shifts fight to Senate.....»»

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Drilon wants P1.4-B anti-drug budget realigned to house policemen

MANILA, Philippines – Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon on Thursday, November 16, said he would propose that the P1.4-billion anti-illegal drugs budget of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) be used instead for the housing needs of the Philippine National Police (PNP) . Under the proposed 2018 budget, the PNP's Oplan Double Barrel and the ........»»

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Senate to finish debates on budget

MANILA, Philippines — The Senate will hold sessions today and tomorrow to try to finish plenary debates on the proposed P3.7-trillion national budget for 201.....»»

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Gov’t committed to fight drugs – solon

A HOUSE leader assured the public of the administration’s commitment to the illegal drugs campaign citing the allocation of enough budget for upgrading public drug treatment and rehabilitation centers (TRCs). For 2018, the national government is allocating at least P563 million to be used for the upgrade and expansion of….....»»

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Budget, TRAIN bill face delay in Senate

MANILA, Philippines — The Senate is again facing a delay in the approval of the P3.767-trillion national budget for 2018 and the Tax Reform for Acceleration.....»»

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Torres vows to take fight into the ground

Torres vows to take fight into the ground.....»»

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New group vows fight vs fascism

A new opposition coalition on Sunday vowed to resist and oppose all efforts of the Duterte administration to enforce authoritarian rule. During its first general assembly held at the University of the Philippines’ Bahay ng Alumni, the Laban ng Masa coalition pledged to combat the “fascist” moves of President Rodrigo Duterte, who, according to former [...] The post New group vows fight vs fascism appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Senator: SUCs would have P10-M rise in capital outlay

THE Senate version of the 2018 national budget will include a P10-million across-the-board increase in capital outlay for every state university and college (SUC) in the country to allow the schools t.....»»

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Senate to realign P900-M Double Barrel budget

MANILA, Philippines — The Senate will realign the P900 million in the proposed 2018 budget of the Philippine National Police (PNP) earmarked for its Double B.....»»

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‘Impeach cases won’t disrupt Senate work’

MANILA, Philippines — There will be no disruption in the Senate’s deliberations on key measures like the 2018 budget and tax reforms if the chamber convenes.....»»

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Senate to realign P900M Tokhang budget to PDEA, housing – Pimentel

Senate to realign P900M Tokhang budget to PDEA, housing – Pimentel.....»»

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Drilon: Bautista impeachment will delay critical legislation

MANILA, Philippines — The passage of major legislative measures such as the 2018 budget and the tax reform program may be delayed once the Senate convenes as.....»»

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Budget deliberations suspended as Senate goes on break

MANILA, Philippines — The Senate has suspended plenary deliberations on the proposed P3.8-trillion national budget for 2018 as Congress goes on a month-long.....»»

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