Bishop wants Bataan nuke plant laid to eternal rest

A CATHOLIC prelate has called on the Duterte administration to permanently abandon its plan of operating the country’s only nuclear power plant by putting it to “eternal rest.” Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos made the call in the wake of the Russian envoy to the Philippines’ statement that Bataan Nuclear Power….....»»

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Bishop warns vs Russia-PH pact to build nuke plants

A Catholic bishop warned that the agreement with Russia to develop a nuclear energy infrastructure in the country would not be beneficial to the country.   Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos said the partnership, which would also look into the possibility of constructing land-based or floating nuclear power plants, would just be another "white elephant."   "It will be useless and will be another example of a white elephant as the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) was," the prelate said.   The bishop was reacting to the Department of Energy's partnership with Russia's State Atomic Energy Corp. Rosatom to develop the country's nuclear power infrastructure. ...Keep on reading: Bishop warns vs Russia-PH pact to build nuke plants.....»»

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UCCP bishop, human rights defender laid to rest

BAGUIO CITY — Bishop Emeritus Juan Marigza of the United Church of Christ of the Philippines (UCCP), a vocal critic of dictator Ferdinand Marcos and staunch human rights defender, was laid to rest on September 12 in his hometown Aringay, in La Union province......»»

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Iligan’s Bishop Elenito Galido laid to rest

Bishop Elenito Galido was laid to rest in a small room at the left side of the altar of St. Michael's Cathedral on Thursday, December 14......»»

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LOOK | Butuanons bid farewell as Bishop Pueblos is laid to rest

Butuan City – An estimated 3,500 parishioners, together with hundreds of priests from different parts of the country, paid their last respect during funeral rites for Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos at the St. Joseph Cathedral in Butuan City Tuesday. Pueblos served as the second bishop of the Diocese of Butuan for 22 years, after […].....»»

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Recto: Don't use Malampaya funds for Bataan nuke plant revival

Recto: Don't use Malampaya funds for Bataan nuke plant revival.....»»

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Senate minority wants Malampaya billions firewalled from Bataan nuke plant project

Senate minority wants Malampaya billions firewalled from Bataan nuke plant project.....»»

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Bataan opposes nuke plant operation

Bataan opposes nuke plant operation.....»»

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Bataan bishop opposes nuclear plant reopening

Bataan bishop opposes nuclear plant reopening.....»»

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Senators open to revival of Bataan nuke plant

MANILA, Philippines - Some senators are now open to the revival of the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) to ensure a stable power supply even as a.....»»

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DOC VOLLEYBALL: A Battle of Generations

At long last, perhaps the most anticipated finals match in PVL history has been set. Showing dominance and proving why they are the defending champions despite some minor stumbles, the Creamline Cool Smashers barged their way into the Finals uncontested by dispatching a gritty dark horse in the Petro Gazz Angels. On the other hand, proving that their modern approach to the sport can trump experienced veterans, the Ateneo-Motolite Lady Eagles are proving to be one of the most formidable collegiate teams in the country under the helm of a new head coach. While old and new fans of the Ateneo community will be torn between cheering for the former Queen Eagles Alyssa Valdez, Jia Morado and Fille Cainglet-Cayetano and the current Queen Eagles in Bea De Leon, Maddie Madayag and Ponggay Gaston, it is also of particular interest how Creamline head coach Tai Bundit will defend his trophy from his Ateneo successor Oliver Almadro. While Bundit has laid the foundation for a modern approach to the sport during his stint in Ateneo, Almadro on the other hand has taken it a step further in terms of intricacies in attack strategy. The dream finals match couldn’t be more interesting from a technical point of view as it is an arms race of volleyball modernization stemming from similar schools of thought. Creamline Cool Smashers: The OG New School Ever since coach Tai Bundit took the reins for the Ateneo Lady Eagles, the local volleyball scene has been introduced to numerous innovations that inarguably helped ALE seize a pair of crowns in the UAAP. Modern strategies such as the Setter-Open-Middle rotation, libero getting second ball when setter digs, fast pin plays, to name a few. For a good couple of years, the advancements brought about by Bundit have been a bane even for perennial champion coaches in the collegiate scene. As expected, most teams followed suit in order to adapt and challenge the new system introduced. Though the Bundit riddle has been challenged and conquered in the collegiate scene, Tai’s system still holds an iron grip in the professional scene despite everyone else following suit and that is primarily because of his connection with long time apprentices Alyssa Valdez and Jia Morado coupled with supplementation of astounding players in Jema Galanza, Kyla Atienza and Melissa Gohing to name a few. Despite a surprising upset to start of their PVL Open Conference journey, the Creamline Cool Smashers continued to defy odds in exerting dominance given a handicapped line-up for the most part of the season. Regardless of key players like Michele Gumabao, Risa Sato, and Pau Soriano missing action for a number of games, the trio of Valdez, Morado and Galanza have been sufficient in holding off the competition as shown by the team’s performance in serve, passing, setting, and attack – skill departments that are highly influenced by the aforementioned trio. On the other hand, the absences of Sato, Gumabao and Soriano have definitely influenced their sub-par blocking performance since these three players have the major responsibility of setting up the net defense. It is of no surprise that in order to compensate the block, the Cool Smashers have intensified their serving to at least disrupt opponents' attack strategy. Coupled with exceptional floor defense by Atienza in transition, Morado had little difficulties in setting up counter attacks throughout the tournament.   With a full force line-up coming from the semis into the finals, the Creamline Cool Smashers are at their deadliest and all set to defend their crown. With few attack options on the right side as both middles rarely prove threatening with a slide attack, it is expected that the Creamline offense would still be heavy from the left pins care of Valdez and Galanza. The Lady Eagles would certainly load up their tallest players Madayag, De Leon, and Kat Tolentino to shut down the left pin. As such, the most crucial performance that could spell the difference in the finals series would be from opposite player Gumabao. Though Morado usually opts for combination x-plays in the middle to ease off some burden from the left, the Lady Eagles have proven disciplined enough with their block that combination plays rarely work against them. Should Gumabao exert significant threats from the right and if Bundit can develop her right back row attack in time, the Cool Smashers can circumvent one of Ateneo’s strongest suit which is their block and capitalize on their sub-par floor defense to eventually defend the crown. Ateneo-Motolite Lady Eagles: Paving Their Own Path Just when the future of the Ateneo Lady Eagles went uncertain with the exit of Bundit, Almadro’s takeover proved to be a major step in the right direction as witnessed in their remarkable performance for their first major tournament. For a team with a good mix of veterans and rookies, going toe to toe with top club teams in the country bids a bright future for the team as well as making them a significant contender in the upcoming collegiate league. The match-up against their predecessors, the Creamline Cool Smashers, is not just a treat for the fans but for volleyball analysts as well since it will be highly interesting how Almadro has brought about innovations to the framework established by his predecessor and how he will use it to his advantage. Right off the bat, the best change Almadro implemented upon his succession is relegating Kat Tolentino to the opposite position. The right wing couldn’t be a more perfect position for Tolentino since she can maximize her height and power advantage to rack in the points while minimizing burden on her weakness which is floor footwork and defense. While it’s true that we have seen some players shine in the opposite position in the past, Tolentino’s height, power, and ability to be a significant threat even from the back row makes her a cut above the rest. Almadro’s approach of having a tall, dominant, hitter from the right is a step to a modern approach employed even by top foreign teams. Another noticeable shift in Almadro’s system is the lack of reliance on combination x-plays. While some teams employ such strategy as a bread and butter on offense, the Lady Eagles have moved on from the outdated strategy and have only utilized such attack to break monotony. With a tall, dominant hitter from the right and deadly middles given a good pass, setter Deanna Wong is rarely forced to bunch up the attack in the middle in the hopes of confusing the block when she can separate the defense with fast sets to the pins. Almadro’s inclination towards safe and consistent pin play instead of fancy combination plays proves that he is taking the team to a more modernized approach. While the Ateneo-Motolite Lady Eagles have been stellar in both net defense and attack, a glaring limitation too hard not to notice in the sub-par passing and floor defense. No matter how threatening Madayag and De Leon are from the middle, inconsistent passing would severely limit their output and threat imposed from the middle. With Creamline notably deadly from the service line and having a full force line-up that can finally establish a decent wall on the net, it would be of utmost priority for the Lady Eagles to slow down the serve with high passes and consistent distribution of back row and pipe attacks. In a similar way, the Lady Eagles are pressed to be aggressive with the serve as the main advantage of Creamline is consistency in passing care of Gohing. Ateneo-Motolite cannot afford to be lax or careless with the serve as a good pass almost always converts for a point for Morado and company. Though the Lady Eagles have proven formidable with the block, Valdez is still expected to plow and muscle through with her attacks hence Almadro’s ability to quickly adjust the floor defense pattern would spell the outcome of the game for the Lady Eagles. Catch Game One of the PVL Open Conference Finals on December 5, Wednesday, 6 PM on LIGA, LIGA HD, iWant and via livestream......»»

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Slain Filipina Laid to Rest in Sweden: DFA

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Tuesday night reported that the remains of slain Filipina Mailyn Conde Sinambong will no longer be repatriated to the Philippines. “The DFA has just been informed that Mailyn Conde Sinambong was finally laid to rest in Stockholm a few minutes ago,” Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary Elmer Cato told […].....»»

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Filipino murdered in Stockholm laid to rest

The Filipina who was allegedly killed by her Swedish actor-director husband two months ago was finally laid to rest yesterday in Stockholm, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said......»»

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Filipina slain in Sweden laid to rest – DFA

The Filipina who was killed in Sweden by her Swedish actor-husband was laid to rest in Stockholm, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said on Tuesday.   READ: Filipina killed by actor-husband in Sweden to get justice   In a statement, DFA said that Mailyn Conde Sinambong was buried at the Norra Begravningsplatsen cemetery in the presence of her brother and cousin from the Philippines, her two children, her aunt and cousin from Norway, and her in-laws.   READ: Sweden assures justice for slain Filipina   Consul General Maria Elena Algabre of the Philippine Embassy in Oslo and Suzette Aluag-Callo of the DFA Office of Migrant Workers Affairs ...Keep on reading: Filipina slain in Sweden laid to rest – DFA.....»»

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Slain Philippine Star newsman laid to rest in Albay

  LEGAZPI CITY, Philippines – Ceslo Amo, the Philippine Star correspondent who was killed during an altercation in a basketball court, was finally laid to rest on Wednesday, November 21, at Forest Lake here.  Amo, 66 and a resident of San Roque village in Daraga town, was treacherously stabbed to death ........»»

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Rapiz laid to rest sans military honors

BACOLOD City – Supt. Santiago Rapiz buried on Nov.11, 2018 sans military honors at the Acropolis Cemetery here. Rapiz, then assigned at the Logistics Branch of the Zamboanga del Norte  Police Provincial Office, was killed in what police authorities described as a buy-bust operation last November 5, 2018 in front  of the Andres  Bonifacio College gymnasium, […] The post Rapiz laid to rest sans military honors appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Rico J. Puno, ‘ the Total Entertainer,’ takes final bow

ENRICO de Jesus Puno, popularly known as Rico J. Puno, was laid to rest at the Heritage Park in Taguig City on Wednesday. Puno died of cardiac arrest at 1:30 p.m....READ MORE The post Rico J. Puno, ‘ the Total Entertainer,’ takes final bow appeared first on The Manila Times Online......»»

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Dominguez open to BNPP revival

The Department of Finance (DOF) is open to the possibility of rehabilitating the mothballed nuclear power plant in Bataan to lower electricity costs in the country......»»

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DoF chief open to Bataan plant revival - The Manila Times

DoF chief open to Bataan plant revival - The Manila Times.....»»

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Opera star Montserrat Caballe laid to rest in Barcelona

Spain's world-famous opera singer Montserrat Caballe was laid to rest on Monday at a funeral in Barcelona where tenor Jose Carreras hailed her as "the greatest soprano of the 20th century." Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Catalonia's separatist president Quim Torra also said their goodbyes to Caballe, who died on Saturday aged 85. Hailed as one of the greatest singers for her vocal virtuosity and dramatic powers, Caballe charmed audiences for half a century with a huge repertoire that saw her perform across the globe. Nicknamed "la superba" in her native Spain, she was propelled into the mainstream when her duet with Freddie Mercury, a boundary-busting combination of opera ...Keep on reading: Opera star Montserrat Caballe laid to rest in Barcelona.....»»

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Bataan Eyes to Plant 1M Trees

Provincial Government of Bataan launched Monday a project that challenges residents to plant and grow one million trees. “1Million Trees for 1Bataan aims to encourage Bataeños to plant more trees and help the province in empowering environmental responsiveness,” Governor Albert Raymond Garcia said. It is being implemented in partnership with Department of Environment and Natural […].....»»

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