Bishop on cemetery trash: Why litter a sacred place?

Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David lamented the mounds of trash left by cemetery visitors this All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days. Source link link: Bishop on cemetery trash: Why litter a sacred place?.....»»

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Bishop on cemetery trash: Why litter a sacred place?

Caloocan Bishop Pablo Virgilio David lamented the mounds of trash left by cemetery visitors this All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days. Source link link: Bishop on cemetery trash: Why litter a sacred place?.....»»

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Respect the dead; don’t litter during Undas, urges EcoWaste Coalition

“Igalang ang mga patay. Igalang ang kalikasan,” said the EcoWaste Coalition on Sunday while roaming around in La Loma Cemetery with some kids and Basura Monster, a mascot built from trash. Source link link: Respect the dead; don’t litter during Undas, urges EcoWaste Coalition.....»»

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Actor Pepe Herrera’s ‘workout’ involves cleaning up trash

Social media users lauded actor Pepe Herrera’s initiative to fully commit himself in cleaning up beach shorelines by picking up litter and encouraging locals and tourists to do the same. In a Facebook post, Herrera shared that he now spends his time as a “garbage collector” where he picks up every trash he sees in […] The post Actor Pepe Herrera’s ‘workout’ involves cleaning up trash appeared first on Interaksyon......»»

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Sensing the Sacred

By: Lance Patrick Enad IT has been rather alarming that in recent years, if I’m not mistaken, there seems to be unhealthy practices connected to the solemnity of all Saints and the Commemoration of the Faithful Departed. I have noticed, at least in the cemetery my relatives rest, that there are some families who have been […] The post Sensing the Sacred appeared first on The Daily Guardian......»»

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Lovely Free Open Place Manila American Memorial – Manila Video

Music: Be with Me by Markvard Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, occupying 152 acres of land in McKinley, Fort Bonifacio contains the largest number of graves of American and allied servicemen. It is free and open to the public everyday from 9 AM to 5 PM. But an ID is presented to the guards at… link: Lovely Free Open Place Manila American Memorial – Manila Video.....»»

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From plastic to blankets, shirts: Group recycles trash from cemeteries

  While Filipinos would take every "Undas" as a chance to visit the grave of departed loved ones in cemeteries, this group has a different agenda.   For years, volunteers from the Tzu Chi Foundation, a Taiwan-based non-government organization that promotes environmental protection, collect sacks of plasticbottles in cemeteries during this season and later transform them to useable items.   Margie Gorospe, a volunteer for eight years now, is stationed at Manila North Cemetery this year. She's been collecting polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, plastic cups, and cartons since October 31.   By Friday, the group has already collected a total...Keep on reading: From plastic to blankets, shirts: Group recycles trash from cemeteries.....»»

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Cemetery trash to be made into thermal blankets, jackets

At least 12 truckloads of garbage were collected inside the Manila North Cemetery following the observance of the All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day holidays, but not all of it will end up as trash......»»

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Cemetery trash to be made into thermal blankets, jackets

At least 12 truckloads of garbage were collected inside the Manila North Cemetery following the observance of the All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day holidays, but not all of it will end up as trash......»»

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LOOK: Mausoleums, humble ‘homes’ for the dead at Manila South Cemetery

  A person's living status can sometimes be gleaned from the things and gadgets he or she owns. In death, however, one of the signs of a dead person's status could be his or her final resting place.   At the Manila South Cemetery, a public cemetery, mausoleums stand side by side with inconspicuous crypts even modest "apartments" for the dead.     Nevertheless, Filipino families aim for one thing for their dearly departed: create a beautiful but mostly "comfortable" place for their beloved to rest. /kga     ...Keep on reading: LOOK: Mausoleums, humble ‘homes’ for the dead at Manila South Cemetery.....»»

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It’s a tough fit if you want to be buried in Paris

It's a tough fit if you want to be buried in Paris. There are only 14 cemeteries in the French capital, and whether it's under an overpass next to the Sacre-Coeur basilica in Montmartre, or under shady trees in trendy Montparnasse, the graveyards are mostly full. French people flock to visit buried relatives on All Saints' Day on November 1, laying flowers on the tombs. But many Parisian cemeteries are nowadays mostly frequented by tourists, seeking out the last resting place of the rich or famous. Best known on the tourist map is the Pere Lachaise cemetery, in the northeast of the capital, with some 70,000 tombs, including those of Irish poet and playwright Oscar ...Keep on reading: It’s a tough fit if you want to be buried in Paris.....»»

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Duterte visits parents’ tomb in Davao City

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday joined millions of Filipinos in the observance of All Saints' Day as he also visited the tomb of his parents in his hometown Davao City. Duterte flew to Davao City and went to the final resting place of his parents, Governor Vicente and mother Soledad, at the Roman Catholic Cemetery after he led a post-disaster briefing in typhoon-hit Isabela. Photos shared by his longtime aide, Christopher "Bong" Go, showed the President seating in front of his parents' tomb. In one of the photos, he was seen looking down, with both hands on his ears. During his briefing in Isabela, Duterte said everyone has "obligations to the dead," citing the need to vis...Keep on reading: Duterte visits parents’ tomb in Davao City.....»»

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LOOK: Flowers offered for late president Elpidio Quirino at Manila South Cemetery

  The late president Elpidio Quirino was remembered with flowers at his former resting place inside the Manila South Cemetery in Makati.   Manila Mayor Joseph "Erap" Estrada was the first to send his floral tribute to Quirino.     Quirino was buried at the Manila South Cemetery after he died following a heart attack on Feb. 29, 1965 at his Novaliches home.   In 2016, His remains were transferred to the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig City.   But Maribel Bueza, Manila South Cemetery administrator said Quirino's former tomb remains a cemetery landmark with people still paying their respects to the late president.  ...Keep on reading: LOOK: Flowers offered for late president Elpidio Quirino at Manila South Cemetery.....»»

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Cops start patrolling Manila North Cemetery, 30 CCTV cameras in place

Police officers have been assigned to secure and conduct patrols inside the Manila North Cemetery a few days before the observance of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. Source link link: Cops start patrolling Manila North Cemetery, 30 CCTV cameras in place.....»»

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Here s why Chris Webber should be in the Hall of Fame

By David Aldridge, TNT Analyst C-Webb needs to be in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. My Turner colleague Chris Webber has always brought out polarizing opinions -- first as a player, and now as a broadcaster. And I’m not objective when it comes to him, either. I love the guy. He’s a true student of the game, not afraid to speak his mind on and off the court, and is someone whose love for the game knows no equal. It’s just a matter of time before he gets his chance to run a team, either in the front office or as a part-owner. But it will and should happen. And, after his impactful career as a player, he should be enshrined in Springfield. Everyone’s criteria for the Hall is different. To me, getting in the Hall as a player requires a yes answer to two questions: 1) were you among the very best at your position for a substantial period of time during your career, and 2) did your presence and/or play change the game in a meaningful way while you played? (This is why a guy like Sixers guard Andrew Toney, in my view, is HOF-worthy, even though “The Boston Strangler” played from 1980-88 and was limited significantly by injury in two of those seasons.) Webber is a “yes” to both of those questions. In the NBA, Webber was a five-time All-Star, four times with the Kings, and was Rookie of the Year in 1993. He was first- or second-team All NBA four times. His career PER of 20.9 is the highest of any non-retired and Hall of Fame eligible player that isn’t currently in the Hall. (Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett each have higher PERs than Webber, and each is an obvious HOF lock, but they aren’t Hall of Fame eligible until 2020.) Webber’s career PER is better than those of Hall of Famers including Allen Iverson, Bob McAdoo, Ed McCauley, George McGinnis, Billy Cunningham, Steve Nash, David Thompson, Connie Hawkins, Alex English, Walt Bellamy, Cliff Hagan and many others. Yet in his fifth year of eligibility, Webber was again passed over by the Hall of Fame voters this year. That needs to change. His impact on the game, from high school to being a member of the “Fab Five” at Michigan in college and during his 15 NBA seasons, is undeniable. The Hall encompasses all of a person’s basketball achievements, and Webber’s career is Hall-worthy. At Country Day High School in Michigan, he led his team to three state championships, averaging 29 points and 13 rebounds per game his senior season, when he was a consensus national player of the year. He then decided to cap an incredible recruiting class, which had three of the top 10 players in the country, among a group of freshmen that came to be known as “The Fab Five.” (Also on that Michigan team was a junior guard who averaged 2.9 points per game, who had no future as pro player, but who carved out a place for himself nonetheless in the NBA -- Rob Pelinka, who became a high-powered agent representing the likes of Kobe Bryant before becoming the Lakers’ General Manager in 2017.) “The Fab Five”, like it or not -- and, I liked it very much -- changed basketball forever. And Webber was the lynchpin of those Michigan teams that reached consecutive NCAA championship games in 1992 and ‘93. Across the board, the Fab Five had long-lasting impact. Aesthetically, they were vanguards, wearing long, loooong shorts that became all the rage throughout basketball.  And while trash talking has been at the heart of hoops for generations, Michigan raised it to a team-wide art form. It drove traditionalists crazy, while kids watching at home loved it. They were the accelerant to the “one-and-done” era, even though none of them left Michigan after their freshman season. But seeing five freshmen start games and play the lion’s share of minutes rippled throughout the college game. Going forward, teams didn’t just recruit blue-chippers, they put them on the floor immediately. What John Calipari does annually at Kentucky now is but the logical conclusion to what Michigan started, and every Power 5 team in college basketball has had to follow suit or get left behind. Of course, “The Fab Five” era wound up being star-crossed. I’m well aware of the penalties assessed to the Michigan program because of the money that Ed Martin gave to players, including Webber. The university vacated the ‘92-93 season, including all of its NCAA Tournament games that year, and took down the banners commemorating “The Fab Five” and their two Final Four runs. (Michigan also vacated all of its games from 1995-96 because of Martin’s associations with other players on teams during those seasons, and its ‘93, ‘96 and ‘98 NCAA Tournament appearances, as well as its ‘97 NIT title and ‘98 Big 10 Tournament championship.) It’s obvious to me that if not for his involvement with Martin, Webber would have been on the 2000 U.S. Olympic team, which won the gold medal in Australia, as well -- another potential feather in his cap that would bolster his Hall of Fame credentials. I will say, as delicately as I can, that there are coaches and players in the Hall that have been accused of doing some of the very things that got Michigan and Webber in so much trouble. That, in and of itself, should not be disqualifying. Webber’s NBA career also did not include a championship. But he was just as impactful on the pro game. Beginning in Golden State and Washington, C-Webb was a category all his own -- a big man with catcher’s mitts for hands who could pulverize in transition, yet was also an incredibly deft passer, both from the post or out front. As a rookie, Webber elevated Golden State from a 34-48 record in 1992-93 to 50-32 the next season. Traded to Washington after that one season with the Warriors, having conflicted mightily with Coach Don Nelson, Webber helped get the then-Bullets to the postseason for the first time in nine years. Once there, the Bullets went toe-to-toe with the defending-champion Bulls in a tough, three-game first-round series in ’97. But it wasn’t until Webber was sent to what was then the equivalent of Siberia in the NBA -- Sacramento -- that his game reached full flower. Playing with another excellent passing big man in Vlade Divac, and a flashy savant of a point guard in Jason Williams, Webber and the Kings were the vanguard of the modern NBA game, coming to fruition years before the Suns’ Seven Seconds or Less attack led by one of last week’s Hall of Fame inductees, Steve Nash. The Kings moved the ball with flair and purpose. The Warriors have changed the game forever by stretching the floor to the breaking point for opposing defenses with their 3-point proficiency, but even they didn’t have what Sacramento possessed -- two bigs who could initiate and finish from anywhere inside the 3-point line. No one could do what the Kings could do, and with Webber, Sacramento changed almost overnight from perennial joke to perennial championship contender. The Kings made the playoffs six straight seasons, reaching the Western Conference finals in 2002 before losing in controversial fashion to the Lakers in seven games. Webber’s knee injury during the Kings’ semifinal playoff series with Dallas in 2003 marked the beginning of the end for him and the Kings. If he hadn’t gotten hurt, Sacramento probably would have beaten the Mavericks and played San Antonio in the West finals. And while San Antonio would have been favored in that series, the Kings would have had a chance, with the winner facing the Nets in The Finals that year. And a championship would also have made C-Webb’s pro career look much different. But, that didn’t happen. It doesn’t matter, though. Webb’s career stands on its own merits. At all levels, he has had impact and changed the game, and he deserves to have his moment in the sun in Springfield. Sometimes it takes players of merit a little longer, for various reasons -- think Spencer Haywood, or, this year, Mo Cheeks. Chris Webber is a Hall of Famer, and it isn’t a close call. Longtime NBA reporter, columnist and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer David Aldridge is an analyst for TNT. You can e-mail him here, find his archive here and follow him on Twitter. The views on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of the NBA, its clubs or Turner Broadcasting......»»

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Aretha Franklin interred at Detroit cemetery

  DETROIT --- Aretha Franklin is in her final resting place. The casket of the Queen of Soul was interred Friday evening in a mausoleum at Woodlawn Cemetery in Detroit, just over two weeks after she died of pancreatic cancer at age 76. Franklin's loved ones arrived at the cemetery after a 10-mile processional through her hometown from Greater Grace Temple, where an eight-hour service of songs, sermons and speeches was held earlier in the day. Woodlawn is also home to the graves of Franklin's father, two more of his daughters, and civil rights luminary Rosa Parks. The interment ends the formal mourning for Franklin, who was dressed in four different outfits for open-casket v...Keep on reading: Aretha Franklin interred at Detroit cemetery.....»»

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Iloilo City eyes rehab of Muslim cemetery

THE Iloilo City government will assess if the Muslim cemetery in Barangay Tabuc Suba can still be rehabilitated as it gets flooded every time it rains and no longer of use. “I am aware that our Muslim brothers have no burial place here,” said Mayor Jose Espinosa 3rd. Instead, they have to go to the… link: Iloilo City eyes rehab of Muslim cemetery.....»»

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Trash ends up in El Nido lagoon

Heaps of trash washed up in a famous lagoon in El Nido, Palawan, an unusual sight in a place known for its pristine beaches......»»

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Netizens echo call to 'BoycottNutriasia over violent protest dispersal

MANILA, Philippines – A number of netizens have been throwing their condiments into trash cans and posting it on social media with the hashtag #BoycottNutriasia. The move is a symbolic response to the violent dispersal that took place outside NutriAsia's plant in Marilao, Bulacan , on Monday, July 30. While the hashtag is not new, it was ........»»

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FIBA: Goulding s racist tweet is fake

MANILA, Philippines --- There's more to the Gilas-Boomers brawl for sure. However, fake news have no place in the coverage of this story. In the aftermath of the unfortunate incident Monday, a Twitter screenshot from Australia's Chris Goulding started floating around online. Goulding allegedly said, "Philippino Monkeys!!! Trash team. Trash crowd. Trash Federation. Trash country." Goulding of course, was the one RR Pogoy knocked down to the floor with the shove. Almost immediately after that, Australia's Daniel Kickert knocked down Pogoy. And then the brawl went out of hand. The "deleted tweet" obviously got the ire of Pinoys but in a report by Reuben Terrado of Spin, Basketball Australia has denied the validity of the tweet. It's fake. "I can categorically state that tweet is not real and is 100 percent photoshopped," Basketball Australia media manager Grant Richardson said in an email via Spin. The Boomers declined media interviews Monday night after the game and the team reportedly left the country Tuesday.   --- Follow this writer on Twitter, @paullintag8.....»»

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1,000 join rally vs killings in Bacolod City

At least 1,000 Catholics joined a Church-organized rally in Bacolod City seeking an end to killings in the Philippines, especially of priests and those suspected of involvement in drugs.   Wearing black, the faithful went on a procession from Sacred Heart Shrine to San Sebastian Cathedral where a Mass for the dead was held.   The people wore black shirts with messages like "stop killings, pray for healing."   "Let us not turn a blind eye," said Bacolod Bishop Patricio Buzon in a letter calling on the faithful to join the procession.   The bishop declared Friday as a day of fasting and abstinence for the clergy, consecrated persons and lay faith...Keep on reading: 1,000 join rally vs killings in Bacolod City.....»»

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