Beauty Inspo: The One K-Drama-Inspired Hairstyle That Might Get You An Oppa

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Beauty Inspo: Proof That Janella Salvador Looks Blooming Than Ever

This thriving sweetheart continues to stun us with these beauty looks!.....»»

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Subanon tribe of Mindanao is inspiration for Ahtisa Manalo’s national costume

Filipinos expressed their various opinions on social media regarding the national costume of Miss International 2018’s Philippine representative Ahtisa Manalo that was inspired by the Subanon tribe in Mindanao. The 20-year-old beauty queen wore a sparkly, multi-colored dress with black feather details and held matching feather accessories with her that resembled fans. Filipinos mostly admired her […] The post Subanon tribe of Mindanao is inspiration for Ahtisa Manalo’s national costume appeared first on Interaksyon......»»

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Beauty Inspo: Why AC Bonifacio Is The Perfect K-Beauty Peg

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Beauty Inspo: 25 Fiercest Beauty Moments From Nadine Lustre

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The addiction and downside of watching “drama” channels

You might already know about YouTube channels that cater to vlogs, skits, and beauty. But some of you might not be aware about the "drama" category, which feature videos where YouTubers report various news, mostly entertainment-related. The popular kind of drama channels though are the ones that aim to "spill tea" on issues between certain individuals. If you look up these videos, a lot of them focus on fellow YouTubers. As of recent, these are centered on members of the beauty community who, for whatever reason, are going after each other via subtweets and Snapchat videos. I'm personally not a fan of content like this but when sh*t hit the fan after the Jeffree Star documentar...Keep on reading: The addiction and downside of watching “drama” channels.....»»

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Beauty Inspo: 4 Makeup Tips To Turn Your 'Blah' Day Around

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Beauty Inspo: This Lip Trend Isn t Dying According To Sue Ramirez

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Beauty Inspo: The Blush Shade That We re Currently Loving On Every Celeb

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Beauty Inspo: AsNTM s Adela-Mae Marshall Has A Face We ll Never Grow Tired Of

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There’s now a lipstick inspired by Brett Kavanaugh’s hotheadedness

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Lipslut Cosmetics (@hello.lipslut) on Oct 1, 2018 at 9:47am PDT How do you solve a problem like Brett Kavanaugh? Well, one: You don't appoint him as US Supreme Court Judge, not only because he was accused of sexual assault, but because of his biased and unprofessional remarks during his hearing with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. And two: Create a lipstick shade inspired by his hotheadedness and donate all the proceeds to anti-sexual assault organizations. Activism-based beauty brand Lipslut did just that with their newest product named "F*ck Kavanau...Keep on reading: There’s now a lipstick inspired by Brett Kavanaugh’s hotheadedness.....»»

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Beauty Inspo: Too Busy For Skincare? Here Are Three Tips Woman In Action Gretchen Ho Swears By!

The celebrity athlete shows beyond doubt that taking care of your skin doesn’t always have to be complicated!.....»»

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Beauty Inspo: This Is Why Anne Curtis Isn t Dyeing Her Hair Anymore!

Insta-beauty tricks courtesy of the 'It's Showtime' host!.....»»

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Hottie Alert: Actor-Idol Cha Eun Woo Is The New Oppa We re Obsessed With!

This 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty' star is so dreamy!.....»»

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Beauty Inspo: Kathryn Bernardo s Freshest Beauty Looks Ever

If only we know the hows of looking this effortlessly stunning........»»

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Kean on Unique: I didn’t take him away from IV of Spades

I don't want any drama---what's important to me is making good music and art," said musician Kean Cipriano, who belied online accusations that he coaxed young artist Unique Salonga into leaving his former band, IV of Spades, so he could sign him up as a solo artist under his new label. "I felt sad when I learned that Unique had disengaged from the band. I'm a fan. They were tight and have great songs. But then, I was getting feedback that I took him away from his band," Kean told reporters at the recent press launch of O/C Records. "There's no way I would do that." Kean, who used to manage the retro-inspired IV of Spades---which is now left with Zildjian Benitez, Badjao de Cast...Keep on reading: Kean on Unique: I didn’t take him away from IV of Spades.....»»

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