Beauty Inspo: The Blush Shade That We re Currently Loving On Every Celeb

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Beauty Inspo: This 14-Year-Old Makeup Artist Nails His Artsy Looks Like A Pro

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Beauty Inspo: Claudia Barretto Slays With Her Fierce Eye Makeup Game

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The power of two

Visit us on Instagram To be You; Facebook: To be You; e-mail Two is always better than one---even for makeup. Save time, money and kit space with the unconventional use of your makeup staples. These dual-purpose tips may even come in handy during fashion emergencies. We sourced the counters of SM Beauty and Watsons for items that render double duty. MATTE BROWN EYE SHADOW Made for: Eyelids Can also be used on: Hollows of the cheeks as contour; lips as a mattifying color How to: With a contouring brush, apply it like you would your usual contouring powder. Pick a shade that's more taupe and avoid reddish browns as these make your contour unflattering a...Keep on reading: The power of two.....»»

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Beauty Inspo: The One K-Drama-Inspired Hairstyle That Might Get You An Oppa

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Beauty Inspo: Why AC Bonifacio Is The Perfect K-Beauty Peg

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Beauty Inspo: 25 Fiercest Beauty Moments From Nadine Lustre

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Beauty Inspo: 4 Makeup Tips To Turn Your 'Blah' Day Around

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Beauty Inspo: This Lip Trend Isn t Dying According To Sue Ramirez

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Beauty Inspo: AsNTM s Adela-Mae Marshall Has A Face We ll Never Grow Tired Of

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There’s now a lipstick inspired by Brett Kavanaugh’s hotheadedness

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Lipslut Cosmetics (@hello.lipslut) on Oct 1, 2018 at 9:47am PDT How do you solve a problem like Brett Kavanaugh? Well, one: You don't appoint him as US Supreme Court Judge, not only because he was accused of sexual assault, but because of his biased and unprofessional remarks during his hearing with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. And two: Create a lipstick shade inspired by his hotheadedness and donate all the proceeds to anti-sexual assault organizations. Activism-based beauty brand Lipslut did just that with their newest product named "F*ck Kavanau...Keep on reading: There’s now a lipstick inspired by Brett Kavanaugh’s hotheadedness.....»»

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Beauty Inspo: Too Busy For Skincare? Here Are Three Tips Woman In Action Gretchen Ho Swears By!

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Beauty Inspo: This Is Why Anne Curtis Isn t Dyeing Her Hair Anymore!

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